Body Worlds Exhibition

Monday, June 21, 2010
I managed to go to the Body Worlds Exhibitions while I was living in Singapore back in 2004. That was the first (and I hope it won't be the last) time I went to such exhibitions.

Why I brought this subject up?

Believe it or not, I missed learning the human anatomy. LOL! Seriously! It feels like ages I haven't learn anything or study about something and I missed it.

Anyway, the Body Worlds Exhibitions are not for the fainted heart. They exhibit the real human body by the process of plastination. And with respect to the deceased and their family members, no cameras are allowed in the exhibitions hall. I don't know about now but that was what being applied back in 2004.

It's the best exhibition I ever went to. It shows the whole anatomy of the human body from the smallest veins and nerves to the largest organ in the body. It exhibits how human body works when pressure is applied, how the body stretches when you do exercise and it even shows how fetus developed in certain stage of pregnancy.

I checked their official website whether they are having any exhibitions nearby Asia anytime soon but the only country in Asia they are exhibiting would be in Turkey ;( That's too far for me to go but I'm not giving up hope... 1 day, I will go again! And now that I found out that they are doing exhibitions on animals too! Definitly must go!!

You can visit their official website here to know much further details about the Body World Exhibitions and below are some pictures I managed to get from the net.

CAUTION: If you are fainted heart and scared of the dead people, please don't scroll any further down.

Anatomist, inventor of Plastination and creator of Body Worlds, Gunther von Hagens

Bad lung (due to smoking) vs the healthy lung
I remembered buying a key chain of this and somehow, I misplaced it ;(

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