Stress Level Going Up! and Up! and Up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Not even a week I'm back to work and already I'm kindda stress. Kindda? Haha! Well, with the new minister of health and he has been visiting all over lately, there are so many comments and with that, so many things to do and that doesn't include my daily work in the counter and all those paper works that need to be done!

This is my look-alike list of things to do! (after I came back from leave)
And this afternoon, after we had our dispensary in-charge meeting, my list to do has become a whole new pile of work to be done!

And here I am, knowing that I need to work extra hours and extra hard to meet all the requirements!

Stress? I think I am!

Gezz.. what a life!

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Didz said...

I learned from someone that I truly know that says: "take it ez m8." :) That makes the 2 of us that mine isn't over yet too! Grrr..!!