Finally.... the artists!

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Okay! By now, I think everyone knows who is the winner of the American Idol season 9. BUT just incase you had been out cold for the last 2 weeks (LOL!), Lee DeWyze is the winner.

Did he deserves to win? In my honest opinion, Crystal deserves more to win but hey, it's not me who voted so, I guess it didn't matter that much. Besides, the result was final.

Anyhoo, I was just browsing the net looking for new songs and I checked the Billboard Top 100 and guess who I found? Lee DeWyze! And believe it or not, he has 2 songs in the top 50! And so does Crystal although she only has 1 song in the top 50!

And I was saying to myself, "Geeezzz, these people wasted no time. You just won 2 weeks back and there you are - in the Billboard!"

Anyway, congratulations to both Lee and Crystal! Finally, they can call themselves 'artist

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