Today's Activities

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
In the office

After receiving and checking the stocks received yesterday, time to hit the paperworks!
The SIV (stock inventory voucher), the bin cards, the e-pharmacy and the list goes on and on...

After office

Went to RIPAS H for CE after work and after the CE, saw this rugged, handsome-looking Jeep Wrangler parked beside me.
One of my dream cars (along with some other cars! LOL!)
Couldn't help but to snap some pictures

At home

Came home and Mum was nagging how "messy, careless, disorganize bla bla bla" I am with my footwears.

The cluttering footwears.
These were the shoes, sandals and slippers that I had been used for the last 2 weeks!

So lazy to put them back the in closet (on the left hand side), so this is what I did to stop my mum's nagging! =D

M not lazy but everytime I came home, I am so mentally and physically exhausted that I couldn't be bother with 'minor' stuffs.. hehe

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