2 x 5

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Title: 2 x 5
Author: Areila Sahimi
No. of Pages: 500 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

After enjoying and loving the author's first novel, Baju Pengantin Mak Andam, I didn't hestitate to buy her second novel once I saw it in the bookshelf.

And as her first novel, this novel, 2 x 5 doesn't disappoint me. I love reading it that it required my willpower to stop before I ended up didn't sleep for 24 hours just to finish up this novel! It's true!!

It's a story of an arranged marriage between Zaim and Syakirin. And yes, I had read so many arranged-marriage-stories-novels before. There are always the sweet and the bitter parts and the ex-es always come back during the happy times.

And I have to say, 2 x 5 is no different from those novels. But what make me interesting and 'addicted' to read is how the author writes the story.

2 x 5 is just not romantic but it is so damn funny... at least when my tears were running down my cheeks while I was reading the emotional part, still I can smile soon after that. In a simple english, the novel is not too depressing.. hehe

I give it 9 out of 10!

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