Panic! Panic!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
I came home today and my youngest brother, Muiz told me that they bought cloth for cara melayu today and when I ask them, what colour, he said "BLUE". What?? I don't have baju baru blue for raya!!!

Initially, I couldn't be bothered to make new baju for raya this year coz well, along this year alone, I made a dozen of new baju. So, I was thinking not to make and rush myself this year for new baju. But then....blue? Gezz!! I have to visit my tailor tomorrow or before the week is out anyway!

And can you believe it, raya is less than 2 months away? wow! or should I said "what"?!!! I think m gonna panic now coz I haven't pay my fasting yet! waaaaa....need to get started on it soon...insyaAllah!

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