Jerebu O Jerebu!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
1 of the reasons for you to put on ur mask! It's hazy outthere! Yesterday, there is a fire in KB and as one of my colleagues said, "be prepared to see ur cars covered with ashes" or something like that! And yes, eventhough m not living and parking my car in KB, still my car was covered with ashes this morning but it ain't that bad! The air smelt of something burning (haha!) and Alhamdulilah, I don't have any respiratory problem. I pity whoever have asthma and so on. With the air and weather like this, I somehow can feel their suffering (hmmm...). Even me sometimes couldn't stand wearing a mask 8 hours a day so once m out of the clinic, off with the mask too! I just couldn't stand it. But if this haze situation getting worst, I guess I have no choice but to wear it most of the times. Man! Terbantut exercise macam ani eh!

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