Hot, Buzy Weekend

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Woke up early (kindda) in the morning coz I need to run some errands before going out with my bff. I had to take some drugs from RIPASH. It was a hot morning. Arrived at RIPASH around 10am, chit chat with the colleagues and then went straight home coz my bff was about to fetch me around 11am.

Came home and managed to eat a quickie breakfast of roti canai (ceh! standard malay g tu!). and around 11ish, my bff fetched me. We had our lunch and brunch - me and my bff respectively - at WYWY in Sengkurong. Then we went to the Empire to watch The Proposal (my review coming up). By 2.15pm, we came out of the cinema and me, got not destination to head to, so my bff decided to go to Best Eastern, to get the next Greg's Diary aka The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. For once, I managed to control myself not to buy any books considering that as of today, I got 5 unread books and 3 unfinished ones! I know! M horrible! M reading 3 books at the same period of time. But ntah ah, lately I just couldn't concentrate reading 1 book without being distracted! (Distracted by new book..hehe). M a very impatient person. Well, I guess who knows me, knows that..hehe.

Anyway, after done with some window shopping, we decided to call it a day and I came home around 4ish pm. Once I came home, Dad asked me to run some errands - to buy hand sanitizers for the department (his department!). So me and my bro Faiz went to Hua Ho Tg Bunut and bought 41 bottles of hand sanitizers and a guy passed us buy and said, "eh! bnr2 jua". I didn't reply to that coz I didn't know he was talking to me. My mind was somewhere between counting the bottles and calculating the cost. Hehehe! We stopped by at Guardian to buy some necessities. Came home just before Maghrib. Fewwhhh! What a weekend!

The night? Hmmm..I couldn't remember what I was doing. But I do remember watching Scrubs season 3! Hehe!

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