3 Working Fridays!

Friday, August 7, 2009
August! So many events happening in August! And apart from the islamic events, my August is not something I would like to remember! Haha! It's just a week into August and already I don't like August. Bit too judgemental, don't you think? Well, I got my own reasons. One of the reasons is that I would be working 3 out of the 4 fridays of this August.

Considering that we have to do a presentation to the director and the senior officers tomorrow morning (KKC-thingy), me and 3 of my teammates agreed to meet up this morning to do the KKC-thingy. Well, from morning berlarutan to the afternoon and we only finished it around 5PM! YUCK! What a day?! M not feeling that great yet but I can't be to clingy and manja, ryte? It would only make me even more weak and furthermore, I got no one to manja to (long story!).

So, cross off 1 friday for me. Next week would be more hectic. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would be spent in IPA, KKC-thingy! Then next friday, I have to attend a customer care course! URGH! And the 3rd week of friday, I have to work. It would be a long public holiday and I have to work until 11PM! Hmmm....but I bet it won't be that buzy. InsyaAllah. At least I can do and settle some of my works. And m dreading for next week. My blood results would be out somewhere next week and 80% part of me don't want to know the results coz I don't think it would be that good! M too young to take a long-term medications! I don't want to!!

Oh well! Today, I decided to start a new leaf in my life! InsyaAllah, I try to be strong! Brand new day, brand new start! I can do this! My appetite is back so m eating well again and m eating more tonight coz m planning to start my fasting tomorrow. I think it would be a good day to start fasting. At least it would make me less mad, less angry, less moody and less everything...hehe! And m trying to be a patience person...insyaAllah!

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