3 New Alaf 21 Novels

Monday, August 3, 2009
Dad went to Miri last Firday with 3 of his colleagues. Truth to be told, I only go to Miri for their Guardian and Watson; do some shopping mainly for contact lenses + the solutions, books, perfumes and Aussino! God! I love Aussino! And can you imagine how much cheaper it is to buy Aussino bedsheets in Miri rather than here in Brunei?

Anyway, I asked my dad to buy me Alaf 21 books. I listed down 5 novels and he managed to buy 3 of them. Well, 3 out of 5 ain't that bad! Hehehe! He managed to buy me:

Ucapkan Kau Rindu - Murni Aqila

Sanjungan Kasih - Aimi Husna

Bila Ada Rindu - Emma Maizura

With the additional of these 3 novels, now I officially have 150 malay novels in my collection! Yay!! *hehe..iski*

3 knock knock:

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ilikeseven said...

m8! baiktah u membuat library eh dirumah ah. hehe that's quite a collection udah tu. someday you'll beat best eastern, hehehe...

iantie said...

m8! I don't think I can beat Best Easter coz all my book, ada 1 copy each sja. Best Easter got lots...hehe