When Scrubs is no longer 'scruby'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Yup, the crazy and funny doctors are back. It aired on Star World last night and so far I managed to watch the episodes 1 till 11, thanx to my cousin, Nadia.

But I have to say, eventhough it's still Scrubs but somehow it's no longer the same. The characters JD (Zazh Braff) is no longer the practising doctor (he becomes the professor instead) and after episode 6 (or is it 7?), he is no longer there. Carla is definitly is not in this season and so does the Janitor. Elliot (Sarah Chalke) is married to JD and are expecting their first child and her character is on and off. The hospital itself has changed but in a nice way, I shall say. But gosh! I missed those craziness of the last 8 seasons!

The Scrubs season 9 - the Med School - introduced 3 newcomers - Lucy (Kerry Bishé), Drew (Michael Mosley) and Cole (Dave Franco). Denise (Elize Coupe) who appeared in season 8 (together with Keith) is a permanent cast for this season 9.

I think it's too early for me to judge but let's just say that I laugh less in this Scrubs season 9 compared to the previous 8 seasons and I missed Elliot weird phrases..hehe!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...


at least you have a bit of time to watch some tv. i got to watch some of the winter olympics which was really fun.

have a great day

iantie said...

yea, but then that's the thing you know...i watch and read and end up sleeping late...really really late :D
I haven't manage to catch any of the winter olympic games but i will try to make time to watch one of it ;)
u too have a great day