My Friday...

Friday, March 19, 2010
I was buzy the whole day today - both work and pleasure.

In the morning, I had to wake up early coz I got a duty in the hospital. And so does this Sunday and the whole week next week. We finished around 12.30pm and after quiet a while didn't eat any chicken (I couldn't bear to eat chicken since my entry on fast foods), today I was craving for the fatty chicken. Stopped by the Express Fastfood, bought my chicken and shake then went home.

By 1.45pm, me and my parents went to the banks! Gosh, this new financial regulation here in Brunei is basically killing the fun! So, I settled some of the credit cards stuffs and by 4pm, we fetched my brother from Meraggang. Alang-alang we went to Muara, my used-to-be hometown, we went to the Serasa beach and Muara beach.

Growing up 15 years of my life in that hometown, I kindda missed the beaches. I feel like a little kid again. I used to jog and walk along the beach and gosh, I missed that. This afternoon, me and my 2 brothers played with the water a bit and we made planned to do some minor swimming soon... But I won't tell when and which beach. Haha! I don't fancy people seeing me wet with salt water.

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

lucky girl....what a beautiful beach. what do you mean about your countrys financial something.....?

iantie said...

hai laura,
about the new financial regulations, it is about the credit card. previously, every banks offer credit cards almost to everyone who can afford it, like at least minimum salary of $500.

now, brunei is considered as one of the countries that have so much debts in credit cards. in the new regulation, if you want to have a credit card, you must have a fixed deposit in that bank or you move your salary to that bank.

the interest: previously 2%, now till the end of march would be 5% and starting april 8-freaking-%!

so, m closing all my credit cards except for 1. it's buzz-kill! no more shopping online for me ;(

Pooch Morning Glory said...

ouch, but some of ours are 18 and 20 %... and if you owe the government like i do, it can be higher.
thx for sharing that, its interesting.