Time to take a break

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
M physically drop dead exhausted and sleep deprived!

My plan is to take my rest and go to sleep but there are so many things on my mind right now that I can't go and sleep 'peacefully' just yet!
For the last few days, my days and nights were filled to the max! As I mentioned before, the long weekend would be a hectic one and I couldn't be more right.

Last Friday morning, I drove all the way to Muara to help our colleagues to shift all the drugs to the new Muara Health Centre. For a small pharmacy, it took 3 full truckloads to shift all the things and to arrange all those stuffs back...fewwhh! I stayed there till midday. Drove another 30 minutes (average) back home - well, it took me less than that with me speeding - took a shower, rest and then get ready to attend my cousin's nikah. The weather was hot! I basically drenched in sweat. With the weather and the lengthy function, I got a major headaches. Came back home around 5.30pm and m totally drained out.

Saturday, I woke up a bit late and when I finally woke up, it was to babysit my 2 nieces. By afternoon, I gave up babysitting them (horrible aunt!) so I decided to bring them out to the Brunei book fair which was being held in the Indoor Stadium. Suprisingly, they behaved! I bought them some books for them to read and activity book for them to do. Then I sent them home back to their parents...hehe! By the time I arrived home, it's time to get ready for my cousin's berbadak. The function started late hence we finished late too.

By 10pm, me and my 3 brothers left my uncle's place and went straight to the hospital where my popo is still warded. We stayed there till 11.30pm and came home only around midnight.

Sunday, I skipped my cousin's wedding reception considering that m working that afternoon at 2pm till 11pm. And man! what a horrible day! Patients non-stop came and for the first time ever, we closed at 11.15pm! What I meant by ever is that all these time whenever there is a long public holidays where the opening hours is from 2pm till 11pm, usually the last patients would come around 10pm...never reached 11pm! But unlucky for me, 500+ patients up till 11.15pm. By the time I came home, it's almost midnight.

Monday, I was supposed to have my day off considering that I worked the day before. But I kept my day off coz I need to take the off today and tomorrow for my mum's appointment. And what a bad choice it was - me keeping my day off that is. I should just take my day off yesterday. Why? Coz it was crazy! The whole morning and afternoon, it was so buzy! We only have 30 minutes lunchbreak before the afternoon session starts. By the end of the day, I couldn't feel my own fingers no more!

Today, the morning session was okay. Not as hectic as yesterday! I accompanied mum for her ultrasound and visited my popo.

Tomorrow afternoon, it would be the same process all over again - accompanied mum for her another appointment and visit popo.

Thursday, afterwork, we are gonna have a meeting. I haven't decide whether m going or not and Friday, there would be a cleaning campaign in one of the pharmacies.

And next week, all my public holidays duties would start....what a life!

Now, m just finishing all my paperworks that I need to submit tomorrow to the state medical store and I think m just gonna update my blog for now!

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