One Afternoon....

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Yesterday afternoon, afterwork, while I was warming up my car before going home... this is what I saw. Kindda scary coz monkeys can be quiet aggressive so I'm just recording this from inside my car..

P.s. the background music is from my car stereo ;)


5 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

o man
so are they scavenging for food? like bears here would do? or like raccoons or skunks?
thats crazy. what would they do to you if you were out of the car?

iantie said...

yup laura, they were scavenging for food wastes or whatever stuffs they can chew on.
i think they are harmless unless being provoked. but i don't want to try it. i got bad experience with wild monkey.
1 time, my room window was opened and a monkey climbed our two-story house and ate my chocolates. haha...

Pooch Morning Glory said...

thats just crazy..... the little bugger. haha
if you were there you might have to fight him for the chocolates

iantie said...

Oh...actually i did. I want to get rid of the wild monkey by approaching him with a stick but you know what he did? instead of getting scared, he came forward approaching me with 'the look' n his eyes...

i ended up letting him finishing the chocolates and cleaned up the mess later. that's the only time i ever leave my room with an open window..

Pooch Morning Glory said...

haha, thats a great story!
he won.... this time.