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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
The American Idol Season 9

I know I'm way left behind with my updates on the AI but here it goes.

The top 12 contestants were announced last Friday and unfortunately, I was working so I asked my 2 brothers to watch the elimination episode for me. So, the 4 contestants that went home last week are Kathleen, Todrick, Alex and Lily. Honestly, I was disappointed to hear Todrick and Lily were out. I mean, they are good!

(All pictures were taken from American Idol official website)

Anyway, tonight the top 12 contestants performed. In honor of The Rolling Stones, the contestants were singing The Rolling Stones' songs. I'm not a fan of the rock band but the performances were great - or as Ellen said, "Guh-ret."

Couldn't wait for the results tomorrow night although I'm have every faith that none of my favourites would be eliminated tonight.. Such ego... Haha!

The Amazing Race 16

Okay, with the Amazing Race, I'm wayyyy behind.

Last week, all the teams were in Hamburg, Germany. I love Germany! And a new 'rule' was implemented where a team had to work with another team. The task: Bungee-jumping! Wah! Always the one thing I wanted to do in this lifetime of mine but never have the guts to do it for the fear that all my limbs would disloged from each other and resulted in me paralysed!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the bungee-jumping task! Up till this moment, I'm still amazed how the cowboy brothers managed to keep their cowboy hats on even when doing the bungee-jumping! True cowboys, I have to say.

The detectives came in first in this leg of the race followed by the father/daughter team. While Jordan and Jeff were the last one to arrive. It was none elimination leg hence they were staying.

Last Monday, due to exhaustion, I fell asleep and missed the next episode. Got no time to watch it online so I had to catch the rerun last Tuesday night (although I surf the web and found out which team was eliminated before that). Cheeky! I know!

France! What's there no to like in France? Apart from the French language though. I did learn a bit of French while I was in college few years back but I'm suck in it that I quit studying it.. Haha!

The re-invent of the World War 1 (or was is WW 2?). Whichever it is, it was soooo cool - the re-invention not the war. On their way from Germany to France, the detectives kindda pissed off with Joe (the guy I don't like). And now I know why I don't like him - he is too over-confident. Confidence is good but too much of it, yikes, it's irritating.

Anyway, the detectives who were leading did the Blind U-turn on the couple and caused them to get eliminated as Joe and Heidi couldn't complete the task. Okay, it's true don't like Joe but he got that competitive spirit and to se him get eliminated this way is sooo unkind! I mean, interpreting Morse code, who could do that? I couldn't!

7 teams remaining, who would be eliminated next.....

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