Me and High Heels

Friday, March 19, 2010
I couldn't believe I'm posting this and in a way embarrassing myself but hey, it's my blog, what the heck!

I'm a constant wearer of high heels. I got all types and gosh, hard to believe it, but I can walk on even the smallest high heels ever. At 5ft 4, honestly I don't need much heels to 'help' me out but I like to wear them nevertheless.

And all these time, I never ever sprain my ankles due to my high heels. I always sprain my ankles when I was wearing a trainer and do hikings. I lost counts how many time I sprained my ankles when I was climbing the rough hills. But yesterday, that record is broken. For the first time ever since I bought my Charles and Keith maroon flower strapy high heels (that was 4 years ago), I sprained my ankle, in the parking lot!

I was having a meeting after work and as I climbed down the car, I lost my footings and that's it. I was momentarily frozen due to the pain in my ankle and the bruises on my knee. But I had to endure all the pains and continued walking in my high heels to reach the meeting venue.

Anyone saw me? Thank God no one was around.. hehehe

Would that made me to stop wear any high heels? Heck no! I got 50+ pairs of shoes, 60% of them are high heels, what am I gonna do with them if I don't wear it no more? No sprain ankle, no pain can make me stop wearing heels! No pain, no gain ;)

4 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

the ones in the photo are awesome!
im 5'7 so i dont need much help either, but mine arent quite that high.
hopefully its not too bad of a sprain

iantie said...

that's what i thought so too laura - about the picture i mean.. hehe

no worries, the sprain was not that bad. I can still walk normally but no heels for me for awhile. have to settle with my crocs only and low heels ;)

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

katty said...

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