An Idol Gone...

Friday, March 19, 2010
The verdict was in last night and from the bottom 3 contestants - Lacey, Paige and Tim - it was Lacey who was voted out. She sang 'The Story', the song that she performed 2 weeks back for the judges to judge whether to save her from the elimination or not.

The 'safe' word can only be used once in this whole AI competition and with this being the first performances of the top 12 contestants, well, let's just say that Lacey's chances were not that high.

Crystal Bowersox, the favourite Idol so far however need to watch her back coz Siobhan Magnus might just beat her in winning the Idol. Gosh, she has that nagging voice I must say but I'm still sticking with my first 3 favourite Idols - Crystal, Didi and Big Mike ;)

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