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Friday, March 5, 2010
I'm posting about the American Idol..hehe! I know m a week late and the second elimination would be aired tonight but then better late then never, right? Hehe!

As all the American Idol fans out there had known, out of the 24 contestants, 2 girls and 2 guys were sent home last week - Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady.

(All pictures are taken from American Idol official website)

I have to say, I was not pleased with some the eliminations. But then, the Americans had voted! If I have my say, Ashley and Joe would definitly still be in the show. I mean, they have it and I can think of some contestants that are more worst than those two.

But I gotta agree with Simon when he said that the girls are leading an inch (or something) than the guys. The girls are loud! Hehe!

Until tonight guys.....but don't expect me to update that soon...hehe!

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