Aku Mahu Kamu

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Title: Aku Mahu Kamu
Author: Aleya Aneesa
No. of Pages: 498 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

For the first time ever, eversince I discover my passion for reading, Aleya Aneesa's Aku Mahu Kamu is the first novel that I couldn't continue to read. Why? Because it's too depressing!

Don't get me wrong. The storyline is amazing but too much tragedies in it that I couldn't flip the pages and continue reading without crying. I was a quarter into this 498-page novel and already I shed tears more compared to 2 Alaf 21 novels. Gosh! I'm a softie!

Ziyad and Qisya met in an unusual place and time but love at first sight, that's it for Ziyad. Qisya who just broken off from a long relationship didn't believe in love no more until Ziyad proved otherwise.

They got married, living happily with the birth of their son, Faiq Fallah. Faiq died in an accident in their residence's swimming pool at the age of 1+ years old and Ziyad who loved his son soooo very much took it badly and placed all the blames on Qisya for falling asleep while their son was in the pool.

The happy couple no longer happy until Qisya couldn't take it no more. With Ziyad's silent treatment and his permission, Qisya went to live with her parents. She found out she was pregnant with their second child. She tried to tell Ziyad but Ziyad never answered her phone calls.

44 days after Firyal Ibtisam was born, Qisya left her daughter to Ziyad, in a way to 'pay him back' for Faiq's death. 3 years went by when Qisya couldn't be away any longer. She missed her daughter terribly. She came back to see her daughter but everything is not as it seems.

What that suppose to mean? Well, I'm not gonna spill it all here. The only way for an avid reader to get the satisfaction from reading a book is to actually read it.

Read it! Cry yourself out! I did! Hehe... Enjoy!

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