My Secrets? My Tips?

Saturday, March 13, 2010
The Annual Pharmacy Gathering (APG) is coming up soon - 11th April to be exact - and this year theme would be the Masquered Ball. And now, everyone is busy thinking what to wear - both in a dress and in a mask.

For me, I'm still deciding whether I want to go or not. Well, at the moment, 70% is not going while the other 30% is going.

Why I don't want to go? It sure to be fun!

My reason for not going:
1.I don't have any suitable dress to wear.
2. I don't have any mask to put on.

I guess those 2 reasons are strong enough for not going, right?

Anyway, for the past 2 years, I went. And for the past 2 years, I won the best dressed female. Haha! Unbelievable but true! Third time a charm? Well, I'm not hoping for much although I know some people wished I won't be going this year so I won't get the award for 3 years running...haha!

I was working with a junior colleague yesterday. She's young, fashionable and vibrant. Soft but full of life! So she asked me what's my secret of winning the award every year? I was like, "What? My secret? I don't have any secrets of winning anything." Of course, she didn't believe me so she asked me whether there are any tips for her to win it (the best dressed female award)?

Honestly, I don't have any secrets nor any tips on me on how to dress nicely. But when I said that, people just don't believe me. They thought that I just don't want to tell. Well, I got nothing to hide. For me, I just dress 'normally'. Nothing extraordinary about the way I dress.

I always say that, dress doesn't make a person beautiful. The person makes the dress she wears beautiful. Everything comes from the inner self. Just be who you are. Dress nicely and whenever you don a dress, don't think of winning or impressing people, wear it with a sincere heart and confidence.

Remember: When you feel beautiful inside, no matter what dress you are wearing, you are beautiful ;)

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