The Paradise of The Amazing Race

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
From France, teams went to the Seychelles island; one of the islands in the Indian Ocean and in my list, it would be one of the paradise islands I would like to go... one day!

Anyway, I have to say what a lucky teams these people are. I mean, Germany - France - Seychelles!! That's all my dream destinations! I think if I'm joining this race, I would definitly end up losing! Haha! Go figures!

Okay, back to the race! All the teams were in the same flight from France to Seychelles. And Brent and Caite managed to get the front seat in the flight and were one of the three teams to get the helicopter ride to the island of La Digue. While the second batch of the teams were off 1 hour later.

Time to catch up and the detectives, who were in the second helicopter ride managed to change their race position. Too bad for my favourite, the cowboy brothers. They made a mistake by leaving behind the map of their pit stop hence they have to swim back to their boat to retrieve it.

Oh well, that's the race for you but I'm not giving up yet! Why? Haha!

I 'cheat' and somehow I know they managed to get back up on the top :P

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