'The Week'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'The week' here is a reference to my oncall week. For 1 whole week, I am out from my usual workplace; for the whole 7 days, I am working for 7.5 hours (morning till afternoon) and my handphone is on 24 hours, 7 day straight in case there is any calls.

Do I like being on call? Haha... This is a trick question and I'm not gonna give the easy answer. Well, no one I know like to be the on call person. For me, I don't mind doing it (this would be only my second on call so far), it gives me the experiences I need in handling emergency situations. But the down side being on call is that it's tiring and disrupt my sleeping pattern.

My first day on call itself last Monday was drop dead tiring. From my hp step counter, the amount of steps I walk last Monday is equivalent to the amount of steps I took during my regular hiking. Yikes! That's tiring. By the time I came home, my feet were aching. My sprain was not heel completely and it just getting worse. I asked my brother to do foot massage for me... hehe! Bless him!

Not only that, I was only at home for an hour when I got my first call! Not a good start! I had to go back to the hospital. I was drop dead tired so my brother offered to drive for me... Gosh! You gotta love my brothers! And they love their only sister too! Haha!

I don't sleep 'nicely' as I normally did during the 'normal' times. I constantly checking my hp, just in case there is any calls I missed so you can say that I'm sleep 'irregularly'.

Tomorrow would be Thursday and for me, 4 more days to go before everything back to normal. But it would only be for a while. Next month roster is out and I have a duty on a public holiday AND end of April, I would be working the A and E duty. People go home and rest, I would go to work for 7 nights non-stop.

What a life!

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

that is a crazy schedule you have! good thing you have sweet brothers.
here is a link for info on st patricks holiday


i hope that helps
ps i have half irish blood so i enjoy this

iantie said...

thanx for the link. it's very useful. Now I get to know one of your festivities.

I know St. Patrick is a Saint and this festival is originated in Ireland but what's behind it, I didn't know until now... many thanx!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

you are always welcome. you always help me understand your holidays too.
i like that
have a good weekend