Happy Birthday

Friday, April 30, 2010
... to my brother, Andy who celebrated his birthday last 24th April.

Considering that he was away on a military exercise during his birthday and only back home last night and with her big sister aka me on night shift, so he hasn't got the chance to treat us yet LOL!! But no worries, I can wait ;)

And to my most lovable mentor and colleague, Aurelia who celebrated her birthday yesterday (29th April).

Thank you for being patient with me from the moment I started working,
Thank you for guiding me through the sweetness and bitterness of our job,
Thank you for 'updating' me with the current news, stories, jokes and most importantly the gossips (LOL!),
Thank you for the gifts everytime you went home (she is from the Philippines),
There would be so many thank you-s here if I am about to list it down...
But you know no words can say how much I respect and appreciate you... as a colleague, as a mentor, as a friend and sometimes as a second mum to me ;)

Yesterday afternoon, afterwork, she stopped by to the hospital to give me chocolate mudcake (she knows how much I'm crazy about chocolate cakes), cheese cake and pizza! Thanx for the thought Net... may you be blessed always with health, wealth and happiness...

Dang! *as Randy says it*

I'm working afternoon till midnight shift this week and I missed the Amazing Race (but I knew the cowboy brothers, Jet and Cord is in the first place and we had to see couple Carol and Brandy go who got eliminated 2 weeks ago in Singapore), the American Idol concert and the American Idol result.

As for the AI result, my brother messaged me who got eliminated. Too bad for Siobhan Magnus and Tim Urban (I know I'm wayyyy too much behind with the updating!) who had to go home this week and last week respectively!

BUT that's not what I regret the most! Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum were performing tonight and I missed it! *another big D-A-N-G!* As you might notice in my last post, I'm a fan of Rascal Flatts now and as for Lady Antebellum, I like their song... and I missed booottthhh *moaning sadly*

So bear with me readers, here I am again posting the video of Rascal Flatts from the American Idol result show...


Unstoppable - Rascal Flatts

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I get to know this country music band from CSI LV S10 E14. They were the guest stars in that episode and what to say, I'm loving this song ;)

The only Rascal Flatts' song in our local radio that I hear is "What Hurts the Most."

Life Lesson

.... according to me that is.

1. when people don't want to listen to you, stop talking.
this happens a lot in my line of work. when people thought they know everything and talk at the same time as i explained things to them, i would stop talking and let them talk. once i quiet down,eventually they would ask some silliest questions. they are not the clever afterall, i guess... don't i just love my job? *smirking*

2. grab the chance while it lasts. good things rarely come twice in your lifetime.
mostly, i would apply this in shopping but 1 incident left me 'looking'. in shopping, especially if m shopping aboard, if i like the stuffs at the first sight, i would definitly grab it - within reasonable price of course.

anyway, about the incident, it's not appropriate for me to pour it out here but let's just say that with 5 meetings in a day, i regret i didn't do anything about it ;(

3. smile often. you wouldn't know whose day you had brighten up ;)
especially if you have the nicest smile. but if you don't have one of those nice smiles, never mind, you still can smile. as i said, you wouldn't know whose day you had brighten up. as for me, i need to practise this more often coz i rarely smile. i only smile to those i know and my patients of course, "service with a smile" *another smirk* yea, right...

when a stranger smiles at you - me to be precise - i would assume something is wrong with me; is my shirt inside out? do i wear different shade of socks? or did i put too much powder on my face? and all stuffs like that when infact, a stranger just smile to you because he/she feels like smiling and no reason behind it all.

so, smile people... =D

4. sucking up the big boss might get you somewhere but be prepared if your colleagues talk behind your back.
hmm... this might be a sensitive issue but what the heck. it's my blog anyway and if any of my bosses read this, you know m right... LOL!

and no! m not the one who sucking up the big boss. mind you, it's the big boss m talking about, not my immediate boss. immediate boss is the 1 i report anything to and inturn my immediate boss would report to the big boss.

a colleague of mine really knows how to suck up the big boss. so far, as far as i know, she always gets what she asked for. she didn't go thru her immediate boss and trust me, her actions and the boss' decision always put burden on others. selfish? definitly. and now, some of the other colleagues are talking about her. i mean, would you feel comfortable working when you know you are the cause for other's misery? i don't but she does...

5. when everything is tight and doesn't fit you, time to lose those fats.
haha.. this applies to me. i think my weight is fluctuating. with the same dress, some day it can fit nicely but on some other day, it won't. but i know, i need to lose my tummy fats and soon... it's kindda bother me..

6. keep your friend close but keep your enemy closer.
i guess you always hear this one but i never get it. i mean, if that person is my enemy, i wouldn't want anything to do with that person no more. am i right? well, unless you have to see that person everyday then it would be another matter totally..

7. never date your friend's ex.
especially if the friend is your bestfriend but no worries, me and my bff are cool. not that we ever date each other ex... haha! LOL! that would be totally akward! whille typing this, i was listening to the radio and the topic is "how would you feel if your friend is dating your ex?" and well, my opinion, i stated it here.

if you say, "nah, it's ok. it's my ex anyway" and all those such, i would say that that person is hipocrites. why? if you love someone and it didn't turn out well as you would like it to be, m sure you are frustrated in a way or another... unless, you didn't really love your ex and the friend is not someone important in your life.

but thinking about it, it's possible too you know. haha. i mean, if you fell out of love, it's possible you really let go of your ex and doesn't care who he/she dates...

hmmm... i don't have any experience in this - i never date any of my friend's ex (yet!) and none of my friend dates my ex (not that i know of) but then, i don't have that many ex-es and almost all my friends are married... haha!

there are so many more on this lil' head of mine but i will post it up soon... ;)

cheerz people and don't forget to smile!


My Weekend... Movie Marathon

Monday, April 26, 2010
Yup! I spent my whole weekend by watching movies - not in the cinemas but at home. I don't think I can watch 4 movies non-stop in a cinema. Done 3 movies in a row few years back while I was staying in Singapore mainly because me and my mate were bored to death! Haha!

Anyway, I started my movie marathon by watching Leap Year.

My BFF said this movie is the most romantic movie ever (for her)... hmmm. Well, I have to agree it's a romantic movie and the scenery is breathtaking - it's in Ireland, so what else do you expect? But for me, this movie is a happy-ending-version of the movie P.S I Love You.

I know I'm a huge fan of Gerard Butler but honestly, my opinion is definitly not biased. I think. Hahaha! Both movies have the similar (in a way or other) storyline but for me, nothing beats the P.S I Love You. Okay, maybe The Notebook is also the most romantic movie (for me).

So, if you are a romantic freak (like me... sometimes), you gotta watch Amy Adams and Matthew Goode in this Leap Year. I would give it 7 out of 10!

The Lovely Bones

Watched this after I'm done with Leap Year and somehow and sometimes, this movie gives me the 'creep'.

Story of a 14 years old girl, Susie, who was murdered brutally by her neighbor and her body was never found and somehow, her spirit was stuck between heaven and earth. I have nothing much to say about this movie but it's really a most touching story. It shows how the family cope with her 'disapperance'. With no body, they don't want to believe that she had died.

It got me thinking, if you die unexpectedly, would you really ready to go? I always thought that I'm ready for the end of my lives and if you ask me whether I'm ready to die, 2 days ago, I would say yes but now.... I'm really not sure. There are so many things I want to do and say in this lives of mine and if I die unexpectedly, I think I would also be like Susie's spirit...

Everyone needs closure in their lives and I do too...

From Paris With Love

There is only 4 words I can describe this movie:


LOL! Seriously! What is there not to love about John Travolta?

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Never seen Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant together, so this movie is something new to me and well, Hugh Grant came a long way from Notting Hill to present. Let's just say that he is no longer young but he still has that dazzling english look on him... haha!

Anyway, story of a estranged New Yoker couple who after witnessing a murder had to go into witness protection program and being sent to a small town in Wyoming. It's not really a funny movie but there is a bit of humor here and there. And the couple have to learn to trust each other again after Hugh's affair...

Well, it's a good movie to watch neverthless...

My New Watched Series...

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Let's see...

So far, I'm following Grey's Anatomy, Bones, CSI - all 3 of them, Stargate Universe, Scrubs, Leverage, The Tudors... hmmm and now, I'm adding 3 new series to that list namely:


This is the series before the accident victims brought into the ER. And I couldn't help but to envy their job.. it's sooo cool. Well, accidents are not cool but for an adrenaline junkie like myself.. wow!

NCIS: Los Angeles

Okay, this might be a lil' bit off. I didn't watch the NCIS but I do watch this LA series. Why? Coz Chris O' Donnell is in there.. haha! Anyhoo...it's a great series.. more like CSI.


Another medical series that made into my list - Mercy. If ER and Grey's Anatomy revolved around the doctors, Mercy is all about the nurses! Yup, those spunky nurses and the guys aren't that bad either ;)

Want vs Need

"Buy what you need, not what you want"

How often you hear those phrases or something smiliar?

As for me, I hear it ALL the time mainly coz I said it almost everyday to myself and when I'm talking to my BFF. She is buy-what-I-want type of person.. haha! and with her wedding coming up soon... very very soon, let's just say that I always nag her to buy what she needs instead of what she wants for the time being.

Do I listen to myself and buy only what I need?

Haha! That would be the biggest joke! I can control myself in certain area but when it comes to my favourite stuffs and hobby, it's kindda hard to listen to myself and I always end up buying it.

Has anyone told me to buy what I need only and not to follow my impulse purchase?

No! No one ever told me - or I think no one ever dare to tell me not to buy stuffs I don't need. My parents didn't say anything... basically because I rarely buy stuffs I don't need.

Ok! I admit that I buy stuffs on impulse purchase and now they ended up somewhere in a box in my room but can you blame a lady for shopping? Haha! Gosh... that would be the lamest excuse, don't you think?Just because I am a lady, I can shop and spend on what I want...

Sometimes, no matter how practical you are, once in a while you tend to go over your limitation and ended up satisfying yourself...

Crazy Week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Since last Saturday, it had been a buzy weekend and so far, crazy week for me.

Work-wise, me and my officer went to KB hospital last Saturday afternoon for the MoH roadshow and info sharing session. We, accompanied by 3 ladies from the Quality Improvement Unit from MoH arrived in KB hospital exactly at 2.30pm and came back to bandar around 6pm. Eventhough I was not the one driving, gosh, I was so exhausted by the time I reached home. And it was raining very heavily on the way home.

Monday morning, mum was warded for the pre-op and I had to travel to Tutong. Earlier that day, it looked gonna rain but when I arrived in Tutong, it was super bright hot! And it didn't help that I got all nervous for the talk.

My talk? Oh! I prepared my script and practised the night before but when the laptop and the microphone were infront of me, I decided to lose the script and just go with the flow. And I gotta say, it was not that bad...haha! Self-praising LOL!

From Tutong, I went straight to the hospital, stayed with my mum till lunchtime. Considering that I couldn't get anyone to relieve me, I had to come back to work in the afternoon.

Yesterday, however, I got a day off - thanx to my bosses ;). So, I leave home around 7.30am and with all the early morning rush, managed to arrive in the hospital around 8.15am. Mum was getting ready to get in the OT. So, with my dad and 2 brothers, we waited for my mum till she completed the procedure. It didn't take that long tho'. Stayed with my mum till she was discharged in the late afternoon.

Today, I came back to work as usual but tomorrow morning, I won't be around again - duty calling.. so many things to do and so little time coz next week won't be in for almost 2 weeks - another duty somewhere else.. hmmm...


Know Your Limits...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I had been thinking the same thing over and over for the last few months now. You might be wondering what I had been thinking?

Well, I'm thinking of changing job! "WHAT?", you might say but yeah, that's the truth. Don't get me the wrong way... I still like my present job (well, kindda) but I can't just get it out of my head that I missed doing the part of my life that I spent years and years of studying but didn't put it into use.

Believe it or not, my certificates are no use now. It just being stored inside the folder. I had an amazing results and looking back at it, I was saying to myself, "What a shame!" I had excellent results but I didn't practise it.

My present job, well, it's satisfying and true, there are more stresses than ever but sometimes it's also fun and I get to meet new people everyday. But, I think I had reach my limit and now, I'm job-hunting!

My New Love.... LOL!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, let's just say that as the year passed by, my interest in SUV car is also growing BIG! Haha!

This Lexus LX570 is one of the most kicking-ass SUV I dream of having! Definitly on top of my list IF I can afford it.... *big sigh* So far, only saw 2 of these baby on the road, a white and a black...

The Masquerade Party Pix

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
The Annual Pharmacy Gathering was held last Sunday and here are some of the pictures from the event. Nothing much but thank you to Hj Khalid and my best buddy for the pictures.

Best Dress Female

I like her mask. She made it herself. Too bad she didn't win.

The Best Mask lady...

Best Dress Male


Laptop makes me stress...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last week, I decided to 'modify' my lappy - to make it faster and 'brilliant'.

But somehow all those doesn't work. It works for a few days then all the problems came at once - my laptop crash while I was surfing the net, my antivirus automatically shut down, my documents (which I didn't manage to save) gone and tonight was the highlight of all - it restart over and over and over again but still nothing. I got so stressed out that I texted my BFF. She is sooo good at these stuffs. Apart from giving me advices over the phone, she can't do anything else until she 'pimped' my lappy herself.

So, in the meantime, I decide to fix the lappy myself and well, I wouldn't be blogging if my lappy 'dies'... hehe! Let's just say that I managed to fix it but something amiss... haha! Well, I'm no expert computer technician but I gotta say, it's an okay for me... hehe.

Well.... Almost.....

Gosh! Couldn't believe it... Few more posts and I'm official on my 500th post.

I realised that m approaching my 500th post soon and I was thinking to quit blogging...

But then where's the fun of not blogging, right? I might be talking and typing to myself and talk nonsense most of the times but I LOVE blogging. If I ever decide to quit blogging, what am I gonna do for fun? Haha! Sounds pathetic but hmmmm..... m still considering my options.

I might stop blogging and just become a blog reader.. we'll see.

Coming up very very very soon....


Coming up soon....

Can't hardly wait for the upcoming World Cup 2010 which would be held in South Africa

RS and PS coming up soon

Sunday, April 11, 2010
RS = Roadshow
PS = Public speaking

Due to the success of our KKC project last year, now we are obliged to do roadshows and presentations to our Ministry personnel on how we did our project to be a success.

We have to do 5 presentations in 5 different venues; 2 here in Brunei Muara district while 1 presentation each in Tutong, Kuala Belait and Temburong district.

My turn? I would be accompanying my officer to KB (woohhooo! roadtrip!) while in Tutong, I would be the 1 doing the presentation! YIKES! I don't do public speaking! It cracks my inner confidence.. LOL!


Saturday, April 10, 2010
Really... seriously?!

For this season, I am 'hooked' on American Idol and if you guys don't know this yet, my favourite Idols would be Didi Benami (who was eliminated last week); Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynch.

Now. talking about Big Mike.. I mean, I gotta say, he has an amazing voice! Killer voice I shall say. And he has been a great performer throughout all the season - so far. And even the judges thought so - well, apart from Simon but then what else is new, right? LOL!

But this week, he is in the bottom of the 9 Idols remaining. And I was saying, "SERIOUSLY?" What the heck?

But the judges are wise in this matter. After Mike performed for the judges, the judges gave him the 'save' word. But next week, 2 of the Idols will be out....



Friday, April 9, 2010
Destination: Penang, Malaysia.

Don't you just love the cowboy brothers - Jet and Cord - from the Amazing Race 16?

They were spared from the elimination last week after finishing last and this week, after all those 'madness' and going through the roadblock, they managed to come in first!!! Unbelievable? But it's true! Amazing, ain't it?

But too bad for father and daughter; Steve and Allison. They came in first in the last few legs of the race but in this week, they came in last and was eliminated!

With 5 teams remaining, which team would be eliminated next.... ?

Missing my....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

.... m not talking about my BFF, Didz here although we keep on missing each other constantly! LOL!

I never told anyone this but few weeks back, I realized that I had lost my BFF - my male BFF. Except from my BFF (Didz), I told this to no one.

Known my male BFF since college; we hang out some of the times and had fun together. Things started to get downhill since the day he said 'something' (I posted it in 'When Being Just Friends No Longer Enough') and few weeks ago, he totally ignored me!

Unbelievable but that's the hard fact! 11 years of friendship flushed down the drain. I sent him messages and messages to know what had gone wrong but he never replied.

I'm not a blonde and I'm not that stupid so I got the hint and eventually back off. But I have to say, I'm kindda missing him ;(

Love at first sight??

"Love at first sight is probably bullshit, right? It takes time to love someone. So how long are you supposed to wait before you decide that it's never going to happen?"

- Right Before Your Eyes by Ellen Shanman; Page 137

That statement is exactly the same question I have in my mind....

The Latest

Clash of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon are the two latest movies I had seen.

Following the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the Clash of the Titans - in my opinion - should be premiered first, then followed by the Percy Jackson. Both of them more or less the same. Both are the son of the Gods - Percy, the son of Poseidon and Perseus, the son of Zeus. Both are born to fight the evil and become heroes....

So what else is new? Hmmm... It's not a bad movie, kindda like it with the actions and all but there is something I couldn't point my finger at...

How to Train Your Dragon - I just came home from watching this movie with my BFF. We 'planned' to watch Alice in the Wonderland but we kindda missed the show hence we settled for the another animation movie.

I would recommended this movie to parents to bring their children to watch. And the PLUS point for me, Gerard Butler is in there!!! Well, his voice is! ~~~loveeeellyyy~ haha

Masquerade Masks

Thursday, April 1, 2010
The Annual Pharmacy Gathering is coming up soon - next week to be exact - and the theme for this year gathering would be the Masquerade Party!

Sounds fun? I had decided (last minute!) to join for this year gathering. I mean, it's the only time me and my colleagues get together and get crazy and forget all about the stresses and to forget why we dislike our bosses so much... LOL! I'm gonna get killed if any of my bosses read this!

Now, my problem is to get a mask; it's a masquerade party after all. My BFF and most of my colleagues had theirs already and I'm still looking...

I went to mask window surfing few nights ago but somehow, I have no idea what type of mask to buy. Half mask? or full mask? And gosh! there are so many types that I'm really really clueless... *help!*

Couldn't resist! LOL!

I posted a lyric video of 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train few weeks ago and somehow, I just couldn't resist to post this official video clip of that song...

Up till this moment, this song still my favourite one...


Undeserve to go...

Just finished watching the American Idol and sad to say, one of my favourite idols, Didi Benami is out!

As I mentioned in my previous post, her performance of "What Becomes of the Broken Heart" last night was bad but I didn't expect her to be eliminated tonight.

If you ask me who should go, it would definitly be Tim Urban but as Simon says, no matter what they said, he (Tim) would eventually got the much needed votes and still stay in the competition for another week. How long would he be 'lucky'?

If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland feat Katy Perry


Forever - Andrew Garcia AI9

I have to say Andrew's performance last night was superb!

Too bad I can't say the same to my favourite idol, Didi Benami who sang 'What Becomes to the Broken Heart'. I actually like the song but gotta admit, she didn't 'deliver' it that well...