Masquerade Masks

Thursday, April 1, 2010
The Annual Pharmacy Gathering is coming up soon - next week to be exact - and the theme for this year gathering would be the Masquerade Party!

Sounds fun? I had decided (last minute!) to join for this year gathering. I mean, it's the only time me and my colleagues get together and get crazy and forget all about the stresses and to forget why we dislike our bosses so much... LOL! I'm gonna get killed if any of my bosses read this!

Now, my problem is to get a mask; it's a masquerade party after all. My BFF and most of my colleagues had theirs already and I'm still looking...

I went to mask window surfing few nights ago but somehow, I have no idea what type of mask to buy. Half mask? or full mask? And gosh! there are so many types that I'm really really clueless... *help!*

5 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

I'd say half mask m8, lau full mask payah krg breathing, n mkn. but it's kinda neat though with a full mask. ark! nah, i leave u undecided jua masih. sorry, hehehe.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i think the half masks are way cuter!

iantie said...

m8 and laura,
thanx for the input. I would sure keep it in mind..

As you know m8, I still haven't decide which 1 to buy and as I told you, m gonna decide last minute.. it would give me less time to think! LOL!

슈씬☆ѕ.xїѝ said...

Hiiii may i know where u can find those mask??

iantie said...

hey, u can find it in Little M in Batu Bersurat or a shop in Plaza Athirah.. I know it's along way from KB but that's the only places I know..

Hope that helped ;)