My New Watched Series...

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Let's see...

So far, I'm following Grey's Anatomy, Bones, CSI - all 3 of them, Stargate Universe, Scrubs, Leverage, The Tudors... hmmm and now, I'm adding 3 new series to that list namely:


This is the series before the accident victims brought into the ER. And I couldn't help but to envy their job.. it's sooo cool. Well, accidents are not cool but for an adrenaline junkie like myself.. wow!

NCIS: Los Angeles

Okay, this might be a lil' bit off. I didn't watch the NCIS but I do watch this LA series. Why? Coz Chris O' Donnell is in there.. haha! Anyhoo...it's a great series.. more like CSI.


Another medical series that made into my list - Mercy. If ER and Grey's Anatomy revolved around the doctors, Mercy is all about the nurses! Yup, those spunky nurses and the guys aren't that bad either ;)

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

i love bones. i dont watch the regular NCIS either, just LA, and for the same reason hehe :) i also love castle. hes a writer and helps solve the murders. awesome show.
hes not hard to look at either

iantie said...

i haven't seen any castle series here in brunei laura, or maybe i missed it? hehe.. i shall look for it soon and let you know ;)
thanx for the suggestion..