Happy Birthday

Friday, April 30, 2010
... to my brother, Andy who celebrated his birthday last 24th April.

Considering that he was away on a military exercise during his birthday and only back home last night and with her big sister aka me on night shift, so he hasn't got the chance to treat us yet LOL!! But no worries, I can wait ;)

And to my most lovable mentor and colleague, Aurelia who celebrated her birthday yesterday (29th April).

Thank you for being patient with me from the moment I started working,
Thank you for guiding me through the sweetness and bitterness of our job,
Thank you for 'updating' me with the current news, stories, jokes and most importantly the gossips (LOL!),
Thank you for the gifts everytime you went home (she is from the Philippines),
There would be so many thank you-s here if I am about to list it down...
But you know no words can say how much I respect and appreciate you... as a colleague, as a mentor, as a friend and sometimes as a second mum to me ;)

Yesterday afternoon, afterwork, she stopped by to the hospital to give me chocolate mudcake (she knows how much I'm crazy about chocolate cakes), cheese cake and pizza! Thanx for the thought Net... may you be blessed always with health, wealth and happiness...

3 knock knock:

Pooch Morning Glory said...

sooo do i understand that the birthday girl or boy, gives the presents, cake? or gets it?

iantie said...

haha.. i know it's the other way round but they are great people... they don't mind giving instead of receiving ;)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i think its totally cute that they give instead of receive.
and,if you ever get sick it wud be really cool if you fly to canada, but all i need to work is a piece of hair. then you can vacation when u feel better