Missing my....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

.... m not talking about my BFF, Didz here although we keep on missing each other constantly! LOL!

I never told anyone this but few weeks back, I realized that I had lost my BFF - my male BFF. Except from my BFF (Didz), I told this to no one.

Known my male BFF since college; we hang out some of the times and had fun together. Things started to get downhill since the day he said 'something' (I posted it in 'When Being Just Friends No Longer Enough') and few weeks ago, he totally ignored me!

Unbelievable but that's the hard fact! 11 years of friendship flushed down the drain. I sent him messages and messages to know what had gone wrong but he never replied.

I'm not a blonde and I'm not that stupid so I got the hint and eventually back off. But I have to say, I'm kindda missing him ;(

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

aw :( that is very sad. my best girl friend of 30 years will not speak to me anymore. i feel sad almost every day and its been 1 1/2 years.
its complicated but she lied to the person who knows her best (me) and i called it.
you are talking about a guy.... not the same but still sad

Didz-W said...

Still I'm feeling sorry to hear that m8. I hope he'll come around sooner or later. It's a small country that we have anyway, I'll try to hunt him down for u if I have to! Hehe.
Btw, u take him as a precious diamond??? and I'm just like a mould..??? *Sniff, Snif*

iantie said...

laura: wow! i guess mine is the saddest friendship but i guess u are even more. 30 years? after all those sweet bitter memories together, you guys are not talking... tsk tsk tsk... hang in there dear!

m8: did i smell a hint of jealousy there? LOL! Just kidding!
nah, no worries m8, you know where you are in my list ;) Well, I hope you do (with your bangang-ness and all =P )

Didz-W said...

Hahaha!...what kind of list I'm in m8? Oh! then it must be your lucky day as u will find me hard to get jealous over things. Hahaha! :P