Want vs Need

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Buy what you need, not what you want"

How often you hear those phrases or something smiliar?

As for me, I hear it ALL the time mainly coz I said it almost everyday to myself and when I'm talking to my BFF. She is buy-what-I-want type of person.. haha! and with her wedding coming up soon... very very soon, let's just say that I always nag her to buy what she needs instead of what she wants for the time being.

Do I listen to myself and buy only what I need?

Haha! That would be the biggest joke! I can control myself in certain area but when it comes to my favourite stuffs and hobby, it's kindda hard to listen to myself and I always end up buying it.

Has anyone told me to buy what I need only and not to follow my impulse purchase?

No! No one ever told me - or I think no one ever dare to tell me not to buy stuffs I don't need. My parents didn't say anything... basically because I rarely buy stuffs I don't need.

Ok! I admit that I buy stuffs on impulse purchase and now they ended up somewhere in a box in my room but can you blame a lady for shopping? Haha! Gosh... that would be the lamest excuse, don't you think?Just because I am a lady, I can shop and spend on what I want...

Sometimes, no matter how practical you are, once in a while you tend to go over your limitation and ended up satisfying yourself...

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