RS and PS coming up soon

Sunday, April 11, 2010
RS = Roadshow
PS = Public speaking

Due to the success of our KKC project last year, now we are obliged to do roadshows and presentations to our Ministry personnel on how we did our project to be a success.

We have to do 5 presentations in 5 different venues; 2 here in Brunei Muara district while 1 presentation each in Tutong, Kuala Belait and Temburong district.

My turn? I would be accompanying my officer to KB (woohhooo! roadtrip!) while in Tutong, I would be the 1 doing the presentation! YIKES! I don't do public speaking! It cracks my inner confidence.. LOL!

3 knock knock:

Didz said...

m8, u done it at college before, why the nervous now? hehehe..all i can say is a very good luck m8! i know u can do it! :)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

yay for you... roadtrip! im not totally ok with public speaking, it makes me nervous, but if you know the subject of your project really well, then you will rock that thing

iantie said...

m8 - yea, i know but you knw me.. i don't like to be the center of the attention... haha! but thanx! i know i can do it but the moments leading to 'do it' just freak me out.. LOL!

Laura - I don't like being nervous. It makes me vunerable.. hehe! but no worries, 3 years doing it, it's like imprinted in my brain already! thanx ;)