Life Lesson

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

.... according to me that is.

1. when people don't want to listen to you, stop talking.
this happens a lot in my line of work. when people thought they know everything and talk at the same time as i explained things to them, i would stop talking and let them talk. once i quiet down,eventually they would ask some silliest questions. they are not the clever afterall, i guess... don't i just love my job? *smirking*

2. grab the chance while it lasts. good things rarely come twice in your lifetime.
mostly, i would apply this in shopping but 1 incident left me 'looking'. in shopping, especially if m shopping aboard, if i like the stuffs at the first sight, i would definitly grab it - within reasonable price of course.

anyway, about the incident, it's not appropriate for me to pour it out here but let's just say that with 5 meetings in a day, i regret i didn't do anything about it ;(

3. smile often. you wouldn't know whose day you had brighten up ;)
especially if you have the nicest smile. but if you don't have one of those nice smiles, never mind, you still can smile. as i said, you wouldn't know whose day you had brighten up. as for me, i need to practise this more often coz i rarely smile. i only smile to those i know and my patients of course, "service with a smile" *another smirk* yea, right...

when a stranger smiles at you - me to be precise - i would assume something is wrong with me; is my shirt inside out? do i wear different shade of socks? or did i put too much powder on my face? and all stuffs like that when infact, a stranger just smile to you because he/she feels like smiling and no reason behind it all.

so, smile people... =D

4. sucking up the big boss might get you somewhere but be prepared if your colleagues talk behind your back.
hmm... this might be a sensitive issue but what the heck. it's my blog anyway and if any of my bosses read this, you know m right... LOL!

and no! m not the one who sucking up the big boss. mind you, it's the big boss m talking about, not my immediate boss. immediate boss is the 1 i report anything to and inturn my immediate boss would report to the big boss.

a colleague of mine really knows how to suck up the big boss. so far, as far as i know, she always gets what she asked for. she didn't go thru her immediate boss and trust me, her actions and the boss' decision always put burden on others. selfish? definitly. and now, some of the other colleagues are talking about her. i mean, would you feel comfortable working when you know you are the cause for other's misery? i don't but she does...

5. when everything is tight and doesn't fit you, time to lose those fats.
haha.. this applies to me. i think my weight is fluctuating. with the same dress, some day it can fit nicely but on some other day, it won't. but i know, i need to lose my tummy fats and soon... it's kindda bother me..

6. keep your friend close but keep your enemy closer.
i guess you always hear this one but i never get it. i mean, if that person is my enemy, i wouldn't want anything to do with that person no more. am i right? well, unless you have to see that person everyday then it would be another matter totally..

7. never date your friend's ex.
especially if the friend is your bestfriend but no worries, me and my bff are cool. not that we ever date each other ex... haha! LOL! that would be totally akward! whille typing this, i was listening to the radio and the topic is "how would you feel if your friend is dating your ex?" and well, my opinion, i stated it here.

if you say, "nah, it's ok. it's my ex anyway" and all those such, i would say that that person is hipocrites. why? if you love someone and it didn't turn out well as you would like it to be, m sure you are frustrated in a way or another... unless, you didn't really love your ex and the friend is not someone important in your life.

but thinking about it, it's possible too you know. haha. i mean, if you fell out of love, it's possible you really let go of your ex and doesn't care who he/she dates...

hmmm... i don't have any experience in this - i never date any of my friend's ex (yet!) and none of my friend dates my ex (not that i know of) but then, i don't have that many ex-es and almost all my friends are married... haha!

there are so many more on this lil' head of mine but i will post it up soon... ;)

cheerz people and don't forget to smile!

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