Thursday, September 30, 2010
That is exactly how I feel!

So tired! and it's only Thursday...

I know tomorrow is Friday but I have work commitment hence no chance of waking up late in the morning..LOL!

This week alone, I had been covering for 2 colleagues. Last Monday all the way to Muara and this afternoon, all the way to Sg. Hanching.

Usually I love driving to Muara, it used to be my hometown anyway and what's not to love there? so many beaches.. but last Monday, gosh... I was stuck in traffic in Jerudong for about 40 minutes and by the time I managed to reach the Muara-Tutong highway, it was already 7.30am and the highway is crowded! I zoomed all the way to Muara and still ended up 5 minutes late! Going home, same story - stuck again in Jerudong.

Today, the traffic ain't that bad but somehow I'm too tired... Can't think of doing any work apart from watching TV (waiting for Amazing Race Asia).


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

11th November 2011...

I know I'm way ahead but hey, no harms done, right? Me and my colleague were talking about dates (birthdays, anniversaries and basically beautiful and easy-to-remember dates) when 11.11.2011 comes up!

It's a Friday and I told him I will book leave for that week (coz Friday is Brunei's official public holiday). He asked me what I'm gonna be doing with that date. Told him I'm getting married...LOL! But of course, I'm just bluffing... well... I think! Haha!

But you gotta admit, it's a nice date and a great day (Friday) to get married ;)

...and they are back!! (another one!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
this time it's the original version of the Amazing Race - Season 17!

the teams are:
1. Jill & Thomas - dating
2. Nat & Kat - doctors
3. Connor & Jonathan - Ivy League A Cappella singers
4. Brook & Claire - home shopping hosts
5. Katie & Rachel - beach volleyball partners
6. Gary & Mallory - father/daughter
7. Michael & Kevin - father/son
8. Chad & Stephanie - newly dating
9. Andie & Jenna - birth mum/ daughter
10. Nick & Vicki - dating
11. Ron & Tony - best friends

the above listing are as their rank at the moment.

their first destination - London and the Stonehenge! and man, what a race! so many dramas... connor and jonathan got lost at the initial part of the race when they couldn't find the airport; ron and tony who were first to get the plane tickets out of USA were lost in the UK and eventually fall way behind the others and got eliminated...but i gotta pity claire the most. at one of the task where each member of the team had to hit the knight with a melon, somehow at one attempt, the melon bounced back and hit her right at her face! seriously?!

"They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" – Brook

You got that right!!!

...and they are back!!

Friday, September 24, 2010
Yup! The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is back.... yeay!

10 teams:
1. Ethan & Khairie (Friends - Malaysia)
2. Richard & Richard ... hehe (Friends - Philippines)
3. Claire & Michelle (Pals - Singapore)
4. Dimple & Sunaina (Friends - India)
5. Alan & Wendy (Dating - Hong Kong)
6. Ivan & Hilda (Married - Malaysia)
7. Sahil & Manas (Cousins - India)
8. Jess & Lani (Party Girls - Philippines)
9. Hussein & Natasha (Father/Daughter - Indonesia)
10. Yani & Nadine (Best Friends - Indonesia)

The above listing are following their current rank (as per last night on AXN).

So far, I haven't pick my favourite team... yet! But I got 2 teams on my mind at the moment (I keep that to myself at the moment).

The race started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I gotta say Yani and Nadine got the worst start for this race. Their car broke down on their way to the first clue (challenge) and on top of that they came in last even though the father/daughter team - Hussein and Natasha made the worst mistake on their way to the last task... But luckily for Yani and Nadine, it's a non-elimination leg so they are still on the race.

And their pit stop is for this leg of the race is onboard of the Star Cruise Pisces *drooollliinnnggg* that is my dream vacation ;) I bet in the next episode they are travelling to their next destination on that cruise ship... *big sigh*

Never thought a neck tie can be so 'yummy' LOL!

Thursday, September 23, 2010
This happened last Tuesday at work. I was doing my routine work when a man - a VERY good-looking man - approached me; he got confused with his medications =D and I was happy to help! Now! Don't get me wrong, I don't choose people or colours.. I treat every patients the same (well, to be honest, almost every patients)... it's part of my job anyway.

With this guy, it took me 15 minutes to explain his medications (as he is a 'first timer') and with no doctor's appointment, it took me quiet some times to explain the procedure to him.

It worked both way, he explained what his problems are and I listened and so forth and believe it or not, I couldn't get me eyes off his neck tie!!

Complicated?! Imagine this: a VERY good-looking guy standing infront of you, your faces merely few inches apart (although he had to lower his head to talk eye-to-eye to me), he was talking very softly and politely and you are trying to act professional and not to be distracted by his handsome face. Will you be distracted? Oh! My answer would be big YES! And oh yea, he got the nicest smile.... EVER!!!

For me, I got distracted with his whole being and his neck tie! Yup! A neck tie! At the moment, all I can think of is to grab his tie and fondle with it... Geeezzzz! I must be crazy! LOL! But luckily I'm not that stupid and bold... so I just restrained myself and be professional! Damn! I wish I was not that sensible... sometimes....

Happy Teachers' Day

Ain't it just look so yummy? LOL!
(Sorry! I just break my fast, so I'm a bit on hungry mode still)

Anyway, as the picture above spells it
"Happy Teachers' Day"

Every 23rd September, Brunei celebrated Teachers' Day.
I would like to wish all the teachers - whereever they might be - a pleasant and wonderful day as Brunei celebrate YOUR day!

My deepest thank you and appreciation goes to my mum and dad - who are the first people in my life who taught (and still are) me how to be who I am and be grateful of what I have achieved!

To my teachers (from PPN School, SR Sengkurong, SU Mulaut, SR SOAS Muara, SUPM Abd Azim to SMPIHM) and to my lecturers and tutors (MTSSR - Brunei, National Cancer Center, Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital, Singapore): your kindness, patience and guidance would never be forgotten.

And to my friends, especially to my ex-classmates back in primary and high schools who are now teachers, lecturers and tutors (which 80% of them are):
You are the next generation of educators! Be proud of what you are doing...
I know I am proud of you guys (eventhough I will never be as an educator.. too hot-tempered!LOL!).

And to everyone else,
even though you are not a teacher by profession,
do remember than at least once in your lifetime,
you do (did) teach someone,
may it be the value of life
or may it be as simple as teaching them to learn to count (or read) ;)
and bear in mind,
no matter how small you contribution might be,
someone, somewhere,
will always remember you for life

I also dedicate this to my mentor, Aurelia...
She is my colleague who really taught me to be as efficient as I am today ;)
Thanx Net!

Back to normal (almost)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
After 2 weeks of relaxing morning drive to work, now it's back to normal. Schools re-open and the traffic (as always) getting more hectic.

This morning, of all the 3 roundabouts I went through, 2 of them were totally jammed.. long que - accidents (as usual!). Why I said "as usual"? Oh! Accidents always happen whenever people are rushing everywhere.

It is the same as after office. Fewwhhh.. No matter how early (or how late) I get out of the office, the situation is always the same.. I'm always get caught in the rush - may it be the morning rush or the after office rush.

Police traffic report in the radio? Honestly, it doesn't help! If you listen to the report everyday, you will know that they are talking the same thing over and over again and the stuffs that we know already - "police traffics at this junction.. at that junction" "please wear your seat belt" "no messaging while driving" bla bla bla....

As for me, I'm the type of person who like to rush.. eventhough I'm not late (yet!) hehe. But today, I tried to drive slowly and cautiously.. just to test my patience. Besides I'm starting my fasting again today... and Alhamdulillah, so far, it went well. Now I have 5 more days of Puasa 6 to go and 2 days of paying my 'debt' ;)

Is Love Really Blind?

Sunday, September 19, 2010
... or is it us - the human - being blinded by love?

My opinion, it is us who are being blinded by love.
I mean, logically, how can love be blind? *thinking very hard with my logical mind*

Love can make human goes crazy
love can make us go insane
love can make us sad,
can make us cry,
can make us smile,
can make us feel lovable
and love also can make us feel insecure

But bear in mind,
all of the above is what I describe as "human-love"
because those feelings are what you would feel
from one human to another
and those feelings (of love) are cause by human..

But love for God
is another different feelings altogether

Learn to love God,
learn to love yourself
before you can learn to love others....

Feeling so.... fed up!

I had the lousiest afternoon yesterday!
Nothing major but still I couldn't help but to wonder, "What if...?"

Shortage of manpower is always an issue around my workplace.
No matter what month, what year,
funnily we somehow never have enough manpower

So far, we cope just nicely but when my leave application
which I applied 2 months ago,
approved by the HoD a week ago
and being rejected by the Director yesterday
it totally pissed me off!

I was so looking forward to my October leave
and now, I'm so totally disappointed!

The Shortest Chapter...

I just recently finished reading an English novel, Bridesmaids by Jane Costello
and I have to admit this book can make you LOL!
and up-to-date, this is the only book that have the shortest chapter ever!


Oh No! Not Those Questions Again!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Q: You married?
A: Not yet..

Q: When are you getting married?
A: Need to find a boyfriend first

Q: Any boyfriend?
A: Nah..

Q: Why?
A1: Alum sampai seru (not the time yet)
A2: No one proposes... LOL!

Q (if the answer A1): How old are you?
A: Coming 29..

Q (if the answer A2): Are you sure? *looking at me up and down* or are you just plain choosy?
A: *no answer... just smile*

Gosh! I guess this would be one of the reasons I'm not looking forward to Eid! Why? Everyone - and I mean, EVERYONE - may it be my relatives and my friends would ask one of the above questions, every year!

Since when being single at the age of coming 29 is a crime? Years before, I don't mind much but when you are reaching 30 and everyone kept on asking those $50K question, it's kindda stressful..

So, my aim for next Eid (if by that time I still have no boyfriend), I'm just gonna grab any single guy and ask to be my so-called boyfriend... LOL!

My Baby Love...

Monday, September 13, 2010

After almost 2 weeks of missing him (dreadfully!), I finally met up with Baby Zakwan again =D
*very hugeeee grin*

But this time, I can't take too much of his pictures and holding too much of him *sob*sob* either coz his mum (the real mum!) was watching his son like a hawk!

But, nevertheless, I'm satisfied!


As the kittens grow up....

Introducing our almost-1-month-old kittens with their beloved 'human' dad.. LOL!! aka my youngest brother, Muiz.

Why I called him 'beloved human dad'? Coz, he's the one who takes good care of them; feeding them, playing with them and put them to sleep *awwww*

While my other brother, Andy; he's their beloved human uncle. Why? Coz, he's the one bringing them to the vet for their check-ups and appointments ;)

The Siblings - Lampuh, Putut (who got squeezed) and Labut

The 'great' two - Lampuh and Labut



Syawal is finally here... on our 4th day to be exact...

Although I was not ready to 'let go' of Ramadhan and totally not ready for Syawal but Alhamdulillah, everything is okay now.. Ramadhan will come again next year.. InsyaAllah

Eid Mubarak to every muslims out there...

Enjoy your month of 'victory' ;)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To all my friends (where ever you might be) and to whom ever who knows me,

On this holy month,
I seek forgiveness,
for any wrong-doings I had done,
for any wrong-doings I'm doing
and for any wrong-doings I might have done;
intentionally or unintentionally...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

As Ramadhan comes to an end....

... it means that Syawal is upon us.

Couldn't really believe it (not yet anyway!) that Ramadhan is coming to an end. I had my Terawih prayer tonight at the mosque I had been going to for the last 3 weeks and at the end of the Witir prayer, we were salam-ing each other and the patrons were wishing Eid Mubarak already and was hoping to see each other again in the next Ramadhan.

Yes, Ramadhan is definitly coming to an end. I have to convince myself with that statement over and over again.

I don't know why it is so hard for me to let go of Ramadhan this year. Could it be that I'm not ready for the Eid? Hmmm....

May you Ramadhan be meaningful as mine was. And I hope that Allah will lengthen our age and improve our strength to meet in the next Ramadhan.

Small steps can eventually reach a mile...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
In my line of work, I meet different people everyday.. may it be in race, religion, sex, age and characters. Been posted in the same place for the last 3 years now, some of the 'regulars', I would remember but sadly some, I don't.

Anyway, for the past year, I noticed a patient who comes regularly for checkups and medications. Among the hundreds, why do I notice this patient? Coz he doesn't speak any Malay (Brunei's official language) nor English (Brunei's second language). So how do I communicate with him? Sign language and a lil' bit of Malay + English even though he couldn't really understand me well. Everytime he came, it took me 15mins-30mins just to explain his medication over and over again even though he is taking the same medications monthly. And everytime he left the counter, I could see his confusion..

As the months passed by and I encountered the same situation, so I made an effort to learn his language. Oh.. nothing too advance, just the simple words and vocabs. Today, he came! Long life! hehe! And when I explained to him in his language, no matter how lousy I am on it, by the end of my counselling with him, he was smiling widely! I asked whether he understands what I was saying and he told me he did! =D And he left with a big smile on his face!

As for me, mission accomplished!

There is nothing to compare with the satisfaction I had this morning (work-wise, anyway). To know that your patients understands your instructions and counselling properly and clearly and appreciate what you had done for them is satisfying..

Kitty Kitty Kitty

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Oh! Our kittens are growing bigger every day!
Yesterday, they are exactly 3 weeks old and now that their eyes are open and they start to get use to crawling, it is so much fun just by watching them...

Putut being held by Bro Andy

Putut again.. this kitten has eyes problems..
off to the vet soon

Furthest front - Lampuh, Labut and Putut at the furthest back

Labut.. this kitten proved to be the chubbiest of all


If We Ever See Each Other Again...

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been months since the first time we met - accidently,
for the first few meetings, I couldn't be bothered
but when our paths keep on crossing each other
you caught my (naughty) eyes
and I was hoping to see you again

For the first few weeks,
everywhere I go,
I couldn't help but to look out for you,
wondering if I will ever see you again

But as the weeks passed by,
as the months passed by,
and still I didn't see you,
I gave up on you,
thinking that I will never see you again

Now, exactly 5 months after our first and only meeting,
in this holy month of Ramadhan,
I see you again
and I know that God had answer one of my prayers

We met 5 months ago,
we met yesterday,
but will I ever see you again after this?

Recently Watched

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I got some 'happy' time for myself by doing nothing but to watch some movies and series... and surfing... LOL!

Date Night - a hilarious movie! I had been waiting to watch this movie for ages but never got the chance so when I finally manage to watch it, I enjoyed it...a lot!

NCIS - Before NCIS: Los Angeles, I'm not into NCIS - the original series. But after the LA episodes, I'm hooked to NCIS! Considering that NCIS is now on season 7 (coming to season 8), so you can imagine the catching up I have to do!

Currently, I'm watching season 2 on dvds and on FOX channel, I'm on season 7!

I Love You, Man - Recommended by fellow blogger, PoochNPooch =)
It's a great movie and funny too... it shows the 'journey' of a guy looking for a male bestfriend.

Before watching this movie, I never thought that men would have difficulties in finding buddies but this movie explains otherwise!

And finally... (so far),

Sex and the City 2 - I'm not a big fan of the series but I was dying waiting for this sequel!
It's not shown in the theaters here in Brunei so I have to wait for the dvd.

In comparison, I like this second movie better than the first one. Furthermore, it's funnier and Abu Dhabi... who can resist *droollllsss*



Time flies by and today, Muslims are left with 9-10 days of the remaining Ramadhan.
Can't believe that Ramadhan is coming to an end for this year.

How's my Ramadhan? It has been great. My fasting, so far, Alhamdulillah.
My Terawih, so far so good.. but me and my brothers had stopped 'mosque-hopping'.
Now we stick to 1 mosque only.

My preparation for upcoming Syawal? Hmmm....
That is 1 question I can't answer just yet! Cos I'm not ready for Syawal!
I only realised that Ramadhan is coming to an end when I heard the raya songs airing today and I was saying to myself, "What? So early for raya songs" but when I counted it, yikes... 10 more days to go!

Oh well.. let me concentrate on the last remaining 10 days of Ramadhan...