Is Love Really Blind?

Sunday, September 19, 2010
... or is it us - the human - being blinded by love?

My opinion, it is us who are being blinded by love.
I mean, logically, how can love be blind? *thinking very hard with my logical mind*

Love can make human goes crazy
love can make us go insane
love can make us sad,
can make us cry,
can make us smile,
can make us feel lovable
and love also can make us feel insecure

But bear in mind,
all of the above is what I describe as "human-love"
because those feelings are what you would feel
from one human to another
and those feelings (of love) are cause by human..

But love for God
is another different feelings altogether

Learn to love God,
learn to love yourself
before you can learn to love others....

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beanizer_05 said...

woah!! Is Iantie in love?? *wide grin*
wow!!..talking about love..

Guess that saying "Love is blind" is another way of saying "love is acceptance", "love is unconditional"..
Love is blind to wrong-doings, when we love someone we are ready to accept them again and again despite the pains they caused us (unless when you're already fed up).
It may also mean..love is not just for the EYES. It tickles all your senses and fill all the absence you have inside..
Am i making any sense??..sorry i can't relate..can't relate :)
Btw, Selamat Idul Fitr!! (right? Happy Eid!!)

iantie said...

me? in love? *thinking very hard*
nah... not yet anyway

and speaking about you cannot relate, are you very very sure? hmmm... sounds like you are more "experience" than I am...

and thanx bean for the Idul Fitri (eventhough that's in Indonesian language...lol!)

beanizer_05 said...

*covering eyes*
indonesian eh??..grrrrrr..

can't relate can't relate *nodding*

iantie said...

haha! yea... can't relate... so right *rolling my eyes upwards* :P