Thursday, September 30, 2010
That is exactly how I feel!

So tired! and it's only Thursday...

I know tomorrow is Friday but I have work commitment hence no chance of waking up late in the morning..LOL!

This week alone, I had been covering for 2 colleagues. Last Monday all the way to Muara and this afternoon, all the way to Sg. Hanching.

Usually I love driving to Muara, it used to be my hometown anyway and what's not to love there? so many beaches.. but last Monday, gosh... I was stuck in traffic in Jerudong for about 40 minutes and by the time I managed to reach the Muara-Tutong highway, it was already 7.30am and the highway is crowded! I zoomed all the way to Muara and still ended up 5 minutes late! Going home, same story - stuck again in Jerudong.

Today, the traffic ain't that bad but somehow I'm too tired... Can't think of doing any work apart from watching TV (waiting for Amazing Race Asia).

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