Happy Teachers' Day

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Ain't it just look so yummy? LOL!
(Sorry! I just break my fast, so I'm a bit on hungry mode still)

Anyway, as the picture above spells it
"Happy Teachers' Day"

Every 23rd September, Brunei celebrated Teachers' Day.
I would like to wish all the teachers - whereever they might be - a pleasant and wonderful day as Brunei celebrate YOUR day!

My deepest thank you and appreciation goes to my mum and dad - who are the first people in my life who taught (and still are) me how to be who I am and be grateful of what I have achieved!

To my teachers (from PPN School, SR Sengkurong, SU Mulaut, SR SOAS Muara, SUPM Abd Azim to SMPIHM) and to my lecturers and tutors (MTSSR - Brunei, National Cancer Center, Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital, Singapore): your kindness, patience and guidance would never be forgotten.

And to my friends, especially to my ex-classmates back in primary and high schools who are now teachers, lecturers and tutors (which 80% of them are):
You are the next generation of educators! Be proud of what you are doing...
I know I am proud of you guys (eventhough I will never be as an educator.. too hot-tempered!LOL!).

And to everyone else,
even though you are not a teacher by profession,
do remember than at least once in your lifetime,
you do (did) teach someone,
may it be the value of life
or may it be as simple as teaching them to learn to count (or read) ;)
and bear in mind,
no matter how small you contribution might be,
someone, somewhere,
will always remember you for life

I also dedicate this to my mentor, Aurelia...
She is my colleague who really taught me to be as efficient as I am today ;)
Thanx Net!

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