...and they are back!!

Friday, September 24, 2010
Yup! The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is back.... yeay!

10 teams:
1. Ethan & Khairie (Friends - Malaysia)
2. Richard & Richard ... hehe (Friends - Philippines)
3. Claire & Michelle (Pals - Singapore)
4. Dimple & Sunaina (Friends - India)
5. Alan & Wendy (Dating - Hong Kong)
6. Ivan & Hilda (Married - Malaysia)
7. Sahil & Manas (Cousins - India)
8. Jess & Lani (Party Girls - Philippines)
9. Hussein & Natasha (Father/Daughter - Indonesia)
10. Yani & Nadine (Best Friends - Indonesia)

The above listing are following their current rank (as per last night on AXN).

So far, I haven't pick my favourite team... yet! But I got 2 teams on my mind at the moment (I keep that to myself at the moment).

The race started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I gotta say Yani and Nadine got the worst start for this race. Their car broke down on their way to the first clue (challenge) and on top of that they came in last even though the father/daughter team - Hussein and Natasha made the worst mistake on their way to the last task... But luckily for Yani and Nadine, it's a non-elimination leg so they are still on the race.

And their pit stop is for this leg of the race is onboard of the Star Cruise Pisces *drooollliinnnggg* that is my dream vacation ;) I bet in the next episode they are travelling to their next destination on that cruise ship... *big sigh*

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