Oh No! Not Those Questions Again!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Q: You married?
A: Not yet..

Q: When are you getting married?
A: Need to find a boyfriend first

Q: Any boyfriend?
A: Nah..

Q: Why?
A1: Alum sampai seru (not the time yet)
A2: No one proposes... LOL!

Q (if the answer A1): How old are you?
A: Coming 29..

Q (if the answer A2): Are you sure? *looking at me up and down* or are you just plain choosy?
A: *no answer... just smile*

Gosh! I guess this would be one of the reasons I'm not looking forward to Eid! Why? Everyone - and I mean, EVERYONE - may it be my relatives and my friends would ask one of the above questions, every year!

Since when being single at the age of coming 29 is a crime? Years before, I don't mind much but when you are reaching 30 and everyone kept on asking those $50K question, it's kindda stressful..

So, my aim for next Eid (if by that time I still have no boyfriend), I'm just gonna grab any single guy and ask to be my so-called boyfriend... LOL!

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