If We Ever See Each Other Again...

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been months since the first time we met - accidently,
for the first few meetings, I couldn't be bothered
but when our paths keep on crossing each other
you caught my (naughty) eyes
and I was hoping to see you again

For the first few weeks,
everywhere I go,
I couldn't help but to look out for you,
wondering if I will ever see you again

But as the weeks passed by,
as the months passed by,
and still I didn't see you,
I gave up on you,
thinking that I will never see you again

Now, exactly 5 months after our first and only meeting,
in this holy month of Ramadhan,
I see you again
and I know that God had answer one of my prayers

We met 5 months ago,
we met yesterday,
but will I ever see you again after this?

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Didz-W said...

hmmm....*wondering who's the lucky guy*.... :)