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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I got some 'happy' time for myself by doing nothing but to watch some movies and series... and surfing... LOL!

Date Night - a hilarious movie! I had been waiting to watch this movie for ages but never got the chance so when I finally manage to watch it, I enjoyed it...a lot!

NCIS - Before NCIS: Los Angeles, I'm not into NCIS - the original series. But after the LA episodes, I'm hooked to NCIS! Considering that NCIS is now on season 7 (coming to season 8), so you can imagine the catching up I have to do!

Currently, I'm watching season 2 on dvds and on FOX channel, I'm on season 7!

I Love You, Man - Recommended by fellow blogger, PoochNPooch =)
It's a great movie and funny too... it shows the 'journey' of a guy looking for a male bestfriend.

Before watching this movie, I never thought that men would have difficulties in finding buddies but this movie explains otherwise!

And finally... (so far),

Sex and the City 2 - I'm not a big fan of the series but I was dying waiting for this sequel!
It's not shown in the theaters here in Brunei so I have to wait for the dvd.

In comparison, I like this second movie better than the first one. Furthermore, it's funnier and Abu Dhabi... who can resist *droollllsss*

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

haha cute.... i still havent seen SATC 2. im moving so too busy
i LOVE NCIS los angeles.... hotties.
and glad you liked i love you man... again hotties.
and funny. havent seen date night yet,
have a good day

iantie said...

you should watch date night, it's funny =)
and NCIS Los Angeles, couldn't wait for the second season.. but the NCIS is cool too..
SATC 2, you also gotta watch it ;)
have a nice weekend =)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i will do my best to catch up hehe