...and they are back!! (another one!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
this time it's the original version of the Amazing Race - Season 17!

the teams are:
1. Jill & Thomas - dating
2. Nat & Kat - doctors
3. Connor & Jonathan - Ivy League A Cappella singers
4. Brook & Claire - home shopping hosts
5. Katie & Rachel - beach volleyball partners
6. Gary & Mallory - father/daughter
7. Michael & Kevin - father/son
8. Chad & Stephanie - newly dating
9. Andie & Jenna - birth mum/ daughter
10. Nick & Vicki - dating
11. Ron & Tony - best friends

the above listing are as their rank at the moment.

their first destination - London and the Stonehenge! and man, what a race! so many dramas... connor and jonathan got lost at the initial part of the race when they couldn't find the airport; ron and tony who were first to get the plane tickets out of USA were lost in the UK and eventually fall way behind the others and got eliminated...but i gotta pity claire the most. at one of the task where each member of the team had to hit the knight with a melon, somehow at one attempt, the melon bounced back and hit her right at her face! seriously?!

"They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!" – Brook

You got that right!!!

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