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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
In my line of work, I meet different people everyday.. may it be in race, religion, sex, age and characters. Been posted in the same place for the last 3 years now, some of the 'regulars', I would remember but sadly some, I don't.

Anyway, for the past year, I noticed a patient who comes regularly for checkups and medications. Among the hundreds, why do I notice this patient? Coz he doesn't speak any Malay (Brunei's official language) nor English (Brunei's second language). So how do I communicate with him? Sign language and a lil' bit of Malay + English even though he couldn't really understand me well. Everytime he came, it took me 15mins-30mins just to explain his medication over and over again even though he is taking the same medications monthly. And everytime he left the counter, I could see his confusion..

As the months passed by and I encountered the same situation, so I made an effort to learn his language. Oh.. nothing too advance, just the simple words and vocabs. Today, he came! Long life! hehe! And when I explained to him in his language, no matter how lousy I am on it, by the end of my counselling with him, he was smiling widely! I asked whether he understands what I was saying and he told me he did! =D And he left with a big smile on his face!

As for me, mission accomplished!

There is nothing to compare with the satisfaction I had this morning (work-wise, anyway). To know that your patients understands your instructions and counselling properly and clearly and appreciate what you had done for them is satisfying..

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