Never thought a neck tie can be so 'yummy' LOL!

Thursday, September 23, 2010
This happened last Tuesday at work. I was doing my routine work when a man - a VERY good-looking man - approached me; he got confused with his medications =D and I was happy to help! Now! Don't get me wrong, I don't choose people or colours.. I treat every patients the same (well, to be honest, almost every patients)... it's part of my job anyway.

With this guy, it took me 15 minutes to explain his medications (as he is a 'first timer') and with no doctor's appointment, it took me quiet some times to explain the procedure to him.

It worked both way, he explained what his problems are and I listened and so forth and believe it or not, I couldn't get me eyes off his neck tie!!

Complicated?! Imagine this: a VERY good-looking guy standing infront of you, your faces merely few inches apart (although he had to lower his head to talk eye-to-eye to me), he was talking very softly and politely and you are trying to act professional and not to be distracted by his handsome face. Will you be distracted? Oh! My answer would be big YES! And oh yea, he got the nicest smile.... EVER!!!

For me, I got distracted with his whole being and his neck tie! Yup! A neck tie! At the moment, all I can think of is to grab his tie and fondle with it... Geeezzzz! I must be crazy! LOL! But luckily I'm not that stupid and bold... so I just restrained myself and be professional! Damn! I wish I was not that sensible... sometimes....

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beanizer_05 said...


you're kinda scary..hehehehe

iantie said...

scary? nah! i think i'm getting weird! haha