As the kittens grow up....

Monday, September 13, 2010
Introducing our almost-1-month-old kittens with their beloved 'human' dad.. LOL!! aka my youngest brother, Muiz.

Why I called him 'beloved human dad'? Coz, he's the one who takes good care of them; feeding them, playing with them and put them to sleep *awwww*

While my other brother, Andy; he's their beloved human uncle. Why? Coz, he's the one bringing them to the vet for their check-ups and appointments ;)

The Siblings - Lampuh, Putut (who got squeezed) and Labut

The 'great' two - Lampuh and Labut

2 knock knock:

beanizer_05 said...

please tell the beloved human dad not to squeeze them soooooo tight..they are just soooo cute..soo cute puppies! hope their lil bones are still in proper places..

iantie said...

bean, they are not puppies.. hehe.. they are kittens and no worries, the human dad didn't squeeze them that hard..