Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Time flies by and today, Muslims are left with 9-10 days of the remaining Ramadhan.
Can't believe that Ramadhan is coming to an end for this year.

How's my Ramadhan? It has been great. My fasting, so far, Alhamdulillah.
My Terawih, so far so good.. but me and my brothers had stopped 'mosque-hopping'.
Now we stick to 1 mosque only.

My preparation for upcoming Syawal? Hmmm....
That is 1 question I can't answer just yet! Cos I'm not ready for Syawal!
I only realised that Ramadhan is coming to an end when I heard the raya songs airing today and I was saying to myself, "What? So early for raya songs" but when I counted it, yikes... 10 more days to go!

Oh well.. let me concentrate on the last remaining 10 days of Ramadhan...

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