Back to normal (almost)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
After 2 weeks of relaxing morning drive to work, now it's back to normal. Schools re-open and the traffic (as always) getting more hectic.

This morning, of all the 3 roundabouts I went through, 2 of them were totally jammed.. long que - accidents (as usual!). Why I said "as usual"? Oh! Accidents always happen whenever people are rushing everywhere.

It is the same as after office. Fewwhhh.. No matter how early (or how late) I get out of the office, the situation is always the same.. I'm always get caught in the rush - may it be the morning rush or the after office rush.

Police traffic report in the radio? Honestly, it doesn't help! If you listen to the report everyday, you will know that they are talking the same thing over and over again and the stuffs that we know already - "police traffics at this junction.. at that junction" "please wear your seat belt" "no messaging while driving" bla bla bla....

As for me, I'm the type of person who like to rush.. eventhough I'm not late (yet!) hehe. But today, I tried to drive slowly and cautiously.. just to test my patience. Besides I'm starting my fasting again today... and Alhamdulillah, so far, it went well. Now I have 5 more days of Puasa 6 to go and 2 days of paying my 'debt' ;)

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Didz-W said...

im totally with u regarding the daily traffic report on the radio! We even mocks abt it every morning when @ work. I mean like...'so...what else is new???' they're saying the same thing everyday but in thousand ways. Useless!
(Dont really mind me m8, me on pmsing mode)