TAR 15: The Winner is...

Saturday, December 12, 2009
...Meghan and Cheyne.

But I bet everyone knew it already for m a week behind in giving the updates. Sorry about that.

Well, I have to say, this season finale was quiet unpredictable. Of course, Meghan and Cheyne was the 1st team to got off from their pit stop in Chez Republic but then all of the teams - Sam/Dan and Ericka/Brian - were in the same flight going to Las Vegas.

Vegas, sin city as many calls it. From here, the competition getting stiff. Brian and Ericka were leading when Ericka managed to perform the roadblock - going down on rope from the top of The Mirage! Gosh! I think I would pee in my pants if I have to perform that task. And I had to say, Sam did the task very well. He went down faster compared to Ericka and Cheyne but they came third when the taxi driver got them to the wrong entrance.

With Brian and Ericka leading, the teams then went to studio/circus - I couldn't remember the name - where they had to grab a bouquet of flowers hanging by bouncing high up. Brian, afraid of height, gave the task to Ericka but she failed - so many times. She even got frustrated when the rest of the teams arrived hence losing her concentration.

Meghan did the task beautifully. I had to salute her. She is so demmed tough! Sam and Dan followed. Sam and Dan got a lead in the next task. Clue - a hotel named after the capital of Monaco = Monte Carlo. Sam and Dan got it right but Meghan and Cheyne got it wrong. So the boys had the lead this time.

The final task - count the poker chip to the total amount of $1 million - the winning prize! Meghan and Cheyne got it right at their first attempt, Sam and Dan managed after their second attempt while Brian and Ericka, I don't know after how many attemps coz after that, it's the finishing line!

Oh well...that's the end of TAR 15. Can't wait for the TAR 16!

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