A Day of a Shiny Car

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
I started the week, last Monday by driving my shiny black car to work. With a garaged parking, I no need to worry about the rain and all while m at work. And the weather last Monday was nice! It was hot but considering that I was inside the air-conditioning office from 7.45am till 4.45pm, let's just say that I got nothing to complain about...hehe!

Tuesday, the day started with cloudy day. Didn't see the sun shining and the weather promised that it's not gonna be a hot and sunny day. And it was so true. By mid-morning, it was raining vey heavily....heavy downpour I might say and of course me, in my office didn't realise it was raining until I peeked outside. It rained the whole day and by the time I reached my home area, the water (in the drainage) had risen and I was saying to myself that if it didn't stop raining, we might be experiencing another flood. Thank God it stopped rain around 8pm.

Today, I came late to work. I had to send my brother for his written exam hence I parked my car outside, no garage for late comers. The weather was okay, nice infact but it rained heavily again by lunch time. I don't know how long it had been raining. Me being so oblivious to the outside surrounding once m in the office. So, now m stuck with another not-so-dirty-but-still-dirty car! Hmmm...m tired of washing my car anytime soon coz I think we are in for more rain this December.

Sometimes I can be too concious of how shiny and how unshiny my car is. When it was dirty, everyone would say that m a lazy bum for not washing my car but when it too damned shiny, the weather got jealous of it hence it rain *figure of speech*.

Oh well, maybe I will try to wash it this Friday, right after I do my pilling laundry!

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