"From Criminal to Stay at Home Dad"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
I rarely visit the Bloggers. I only login whenever I received email notifying that I had a message or some other notifications.

The featured blogger at the moment is this man who had gone thru hell and back. M not kidding! His blog is named From Criminal to Stay at Home Dad. This is the first time I ever read a blog like his and it's really a mind opener.

Both my parents are working in a Prison Department here in Brunei and everyday, I would hear some tales or another of the convicted people in there and what they did to end up there. But I never hear any tales from a convicted person after he/she served his/her sentences.

As I said, this blog is a mind opener. It makes me appreciate more of life. Coz Lifechanger sure wants to redeem himself for the sake of his daughter. What an adorable, sweet, cute kid! There are things we always take for granted. Heck, me myself had been taking sooo much things for granted and eventhough most of the times, I feel guilty about it but as fast as those feelings come, the faster it leaves my senses too.

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