Sunday, December 20, 2009
After 7 years, yesterday we had another engagement in our family. No! it's not my engagement...not yet anyway! It was my brother, Adi's engagement yesterday.

The function started early coz we had to travel to neighboring country, Limbang for the engagement. My brother's fiance is a Malaysian, btw. By 10.30am, with 10 cars we made a move. With the help of the Limau Manis police (who lead our cars), we had a very smooth ride all the way to the Brunei's immigration post. Everything went smoothly and we managed settled everything by noon. By the time we came home, I was drop dead tired, exhausted, throbbing headache all roll into 1.

From 200+ photos, I only managed to post some here. More pictures I would be uploading in my facebook account.

My cheeky niece - Adriana

The siblings

The siblings with my sis-in-law and nieces

Brother Faiz with Adriana

Buka Mulut

Tanda Bertunang

Brothers - Muiz and Faiz

The siblings (minus the youngest who's taking this photo)
The background picture on the wall is the exact picture of us 17 years ago ;)

Brother Adi with his 'hantaran'
(picture taken in my messy room)

At the fiance's home

My eldest brother (the one in brown) going solo. His wife and children didn't come along.

Mum's hand and Monira's hand ;)

Monira - my future sis-in-law

My youngest brother, Muiz playing with my shoes

*Self-potrait* Me and beloved mum

Grandma and Aunty Fong

The siblings with our future sis-in-law

Me and Popo

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

wow... what a nice family you have!
if its ok i have a couple of questions. what is hataran? can you explain this and why do the police lead?
thanks haha im curious

iantie said...

hantaran (in malay)is kindda like 'sending'.
In our tradition, for engagement, the male has to prepare buka mulut (proposal) and bertunang (engagement). both of them consists of money and a ring. the money, it depends on how much the girl's family asking for.
during the wedding itself, 'hantaran' is also given, depending on how many trays both parties agreed on. 'Hantaran' consists of stuffs - perfumes, towels, clothes, watch, handbags, shoes, hp, laptop...all those stuffs.
i hope you get what i mean...hehe. but if not, feel free to ask ;)