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Sunday, December 13, 2009
These are the 3 things my bff left me with - to occupy my time, that is! Well, not to mention her fighting fish, her camera, her HDD and her pendrive. Anything m missing? Nah...so far that's it!

The first 3 things - enovels, games and series - as she said to occupy my time and to prevent me being lonely while she is gone. So far, I haven't touch the series and the games yet coz lately m in a passionate reading mode.

I read one enovel after another and so far, I had read Kat Martin's The Bride's Necklace and The Devil's Necklace - the first 2 novels before The Handmaiden's Necklace. That made my reading on the Bride's Necklace trilogy completed...yay!

Apart from Kat Martin's enovel, I also managed to read few of Elizabeth Boyle's enovel. Love Letters from a Duke, Tempted by the Night and Once Tempted are among those I had finished.

Now, out of 50+ historical enovels that I had stored in my laptop, m still thinking which 1 to read next....

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