The Storm Warriors

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
It's the second installment from the Storm Rider. My brothers kept on saying that I had watched the Storm Rider and I somehow remembered watching it but for the life out of me, I couldn't recall the Storm Rider. I don't even remember how the story goes in the Storm Rider.

Last night, went to the movie to watch the Storm Warriors. It was packed but luckily I bought the tickets in advance. Learnt from my disappointment from last Saturday night.

The movie - it was great although some friends I know saying that the first one aka the Storm Rider is even more better. As I can't recall the Storm Rider, so my comment here is purely based on Storm Warriors.

I always like Ekin Cheng. He used to be a handsome and sought after actor but I think age has catching up with him...hehe! M not saying he looks old but the hint of aging is there. Aaron Kwok looks younger than him...or is it really Aaron Kwok is younger? Hmmm...

Anyway, as I said, the movie is great. Lots of actions and if u r a big fan of Dragonball and stuffs like that, this more, well, more or less like Dragonball. Superpower and all.

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

i havent seen this one. i went to the movies with my momma on tuesday night. we saw men who stare at goats with george clooney. it was really funny. i loved it.

no tree yet, but i think my son said we will get it on sunday

iantie said...

george clooney? is it 'up in the air'? m a fan of clooney. he always has that 'aura' about him.hehe.

m gonna see that movie as soon as it air here in Brunei ;)

take a pic of the tree once you decorate it, k? I would love to see it!


Pooch Morning Glory said...

yes he sure does have something.!!
thats another movie ...i want to see it too. the one i saw is called men who stare at goats.... its really funny.
getting the tree sunday. i will take pics and post them